Duke's History



Duke’s expands it’s Southern Sauce line with No Sugar Added Georgia Sweet Heat. Delivers on the Georgia Sweet Heat flavor that consumers know & love with 0g Added Sugar.


Duke’s expands its Southern Sauce line with Seafood Sauces. The Seafood Sauces come in four (4) flavors celebrating the brand’s regional heritage- including Creamy Chesapeake Cocktail, Tidewater Tartar, Gulf Coast Lemon Garlic Aioli, and Bayou Remoulade.


Duke’s launches its new line of mustards. The premium mustards come in four (4) flavors inspired by the brand’s southern heritage – Brown Sugar Bourbon, Horseradish, Smoky Chipotle, and Spicy Ground.


Duke’s launches “House of Twang” which takes a behind the scenes look at the gritty inner workings of iconic restaurants throughout the South.


Duke’s expands it’s Southern Sauce line with Carolina Vinegar BBQ, which originates from the Piedmont region of western North Carolina.

The recipe, born out of a state-wide barbecue divide, expands on NC's original, vinegar-based sauce by adding a touch of tomato paste for sweetness and color.


Duke’s Light Mayonnaise joins the sugar-free club in January, 2021.

Duke’s launches a new product line of 4 flavored mayos including Bacon & Tomato and Habanero Garlic, 3 dressings for coleslaw and potato salad, and Duke’s Hint of Lime Mayonnaise.


Duke’s launches its new brand campaign, “Duke’s--It’s got Twang!” shedding new light on the brand’s one-of-a kind “tangy” flavor.


Duke became the new title sponsor of the regular season college football game and postseason bowl game played in Charlotte, NC. The Charlotte Sports Foundation announces the Duke’s Mayo Classic and Duke’s Mayo Bowl.


Duke’s launches its new line of Southern Sauces celebrating its regional heritage, including Alabama-Style White BBQ, Georgia Sweet Heat BBQ, Tennessee Smoke & Whiskey BBQ, Carolina Gold BBQ, Hickory Moonshine BBQ, and Mississippi Comeback Sauce.


After 132 years of private ownership, The C.F. Sauer Company (parent company of Duke’s Mayonnaise) is acquired by Falfurrias Capital Partners of Charlotte, North Carolina. The new owners grew up on Duke’s Mayonnaise and are loyal fans of the spread.


Duke’s celebrates its 100th anniversary with a new label, a commemorative book, and a celebration in Duke’s hometown, Greenville, South Carolina.



The Duke’s 1 Cup Pouch is introduced, marking the newest category innovation in the mayonnaise business since the switch from glass to plastic jars.


Duke’s introduces a new variation on Duke’s Light Mayonnaise: Duke’s Light with Olive Oil.


Duke’s is featured in the documentary Pimento Cheese Please and representatives of Duke’s judge a pimento cheese contest at the documentary premiere.


For Duke’s 90th anniversary, the “smooth and creamy” red ribbon is added to the label.

Duke’s launches a Taste Tour with its mobile kitchen and visits minor league baseball games and a variety of food shows throughout the southeast.


Duke’s chocolate cake recipe is introduced. It still continues to be one of Duke’s most popular recipes today.


The expansion of Duke’s Greenville, South Carolina plant is completed.


Light Mayonnaise is introduced.


Eugenia Duke passes away at age 90 and is laid to rest in Oakland, California.


The Dukes move to California to be closer to their daughter Martha, and Eugenia begins a new business venture selling sandwiches to cafes and drugstores. She operates under the name The Duchess Sandwich Company.


Demand becomes too great for Duke to handle on her own, so she sells the business to The C.F. Sauer Company on February 9th. Eugenia stays on as C.F. Sauer’s chief salesperson.


Demand continues to grow rapidly, so Eugenia Duke moves production from a facility on her property to her first official plant operation.


Duke’s salesman C.B. Boyd sees an opportunity to expand the business and suggests bottling the homemade mayonnaise as a separate product. Sure enough, the mayonnaise business takes off and Eugenia Duke abandons the sandwich business entirely to focus her efforts on her mayonnaise.


Duke begins selling her sandwiches in drugstores and local grocery stores.

Duke sets up shop at The Ottaray Hotel in downtown Greenville, selling her popular sandwiches at the Ottaray’s Duke’s Tea Room.


Eugenia Duke sells her 11,000th sandwich and buys her first delivery truck.


Eugenia Duke begins selling sandwiches with her homemade mayonnaise to soldiers at Fort Sevier. Sandwiches cost a dime each, and Duke makes a profit of 2 cents per sandwich.


The Dukes move to Greenville, South Carolina for Harry’s job at Southern Power Co.


19-year-old Eugenia Thomas marries Harry Duke.


Eugenia Thomas was born in Columbus, Georgia, the 10th of 10 children.