Duke's Mayo Presents Hot Tomato Summer

RICHMOND, VA, JULY 13, 2021 -- Duke's Mayonnaise is commemorating tomato season in a big way this year, partnering with local restaurants to present Hot Tomato Summer: A week-long event featuring seasonal pairings of tomatoes and mayo. The event will run from Monday, July 19th to Sunday July 25th, and will feature dishes from Lunch and Supper, Brenner Pass, ZZQ, North End Juice Co., Common House, Millie's, Ruby Scoops, Saison, Union Market, and Fuzzy Cactus.

Duke’s and tomatoes share a rich history and tradition in the South, where tomatoes have long-been a focal point of southern gardens. The 100-year old duo is most well known for sandwich pairings, but this event plans to expand palates, bringing both traditional and unexpected flavors to the table. Each event partner will create 1-3 custom specials for Hot Tomato Summer that will run throughout the week in addition to their regular menu.

“We’re beyond excited to host this event in our hometown,” said Duke's Brand Manager of Mayohem Rebecca Lupesco. “Richmond houses some amazing culinary talent, and we can’t wait for people to experience the unique dishes created for this event.”

In honor of Hot Tomato Summer and to raise awareness for Richmond's food divide, Duke's and Sauer Brands will each be donating $5,000 to help support Shalom Farms. Shalom Farms is a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that everyone has equitable access to nourishing food and meaningful opportunities to grow, choose, cook and enjoy fresh produce.

For more information on Hot Tomato Summer, partner hours, and specific offerings, Richmonders can visit dukesmayo.com/hottomatosummer. During the week-long event, attendees can follow along and share their experiences via Duke’s Instagram page for the chance to win prize packs, including branded swag and products.

Duke’s Mayonnaise was created in 1917 in Greenville, SC by Eugenia Duke. In addition to the flagship mayonnaise, which is still made according to Eugenia’s original recipe, Duke’s offers light, olive oil, and flavored mayonnaises, tartar sauce, sandwich relish and regionally-inspired Duke’s Southern Sauces and dressings. For more information, visit dukesmayo.com or follow @dukes_mayonnaise on Instagram. Duke’s Mayonnaise is owned by Sauer Brands, Inc.