These People Love Mayonnaise So Much They Got It Tattooed on Their Bodies Forever

If you live in Richmond, Virginia, you don’t fuck with Hellman’s—not publicly, at least. Nor do you deign to eat Heinz, Kraft, whatever the hell Sir Kensington’s is, or, god forbid, Miracle Whip. If you’re having mayo, you’re having Duke’s. To even consider doing otherwise borders on sacrilege. 

Folks from Richmond have been riding hard for Duke’s for decades, partially because the company is headquartered there, and partially just because Duke’s rips. Though the mayo was created in South Carolina (where it’s still made and bottled today), it was acquired by the Richmond-based C.F. Sauer Company in 1929. It’s had a cult following in Richmond ever since—a following whose most devoted members decided, earlier this month, to consecrate their love for Duke’s permanently, in blood and ink.

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