Meet Tubby, Duke’s Mayo’s first mascot in 105-year history

Meet Tubby, a giant tub of Duke’s Mayo with googly eyes and shaggy eyebrows.

He’s the size of 61 Duke’s Mayo jars and definitely doesn’t weight 30 fluid ounces. He loves Duke’s Mayo and to yo-yo.

He’s the first mascot in Duke’s Mayo’s 105-year history, and he sent social media atwitter when he announced himself to the world by “hacking” Duke’s social media feeds in late August beginning with “HELLU WRLD.”

He tweeted to several celebrities and brands, like Dolly Parton and Taco Bell. He even tweeted to Wendy’s, “HEYYYY WENDY. U FREE FRYDAY?” and “TELL WENDY 2 CALL. THIS JAR SINGLE.”

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