Duke’s Offering Free Mayo-Themed Tattoos for Die-Hard, Multigenerational Lovers

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — If Duke’s Mayo has been the sole mayonnaise brand trusted in generations of your family’s secret recipes — and if you and your grandma would get matching tattoos — this contest is for you.

The mayonnaise brand featuring a little southern twang has announced a contest for true Duke’s lovers. The lovers who have long-since crossed out ‘generic mayo’ on recipes, and inserted ‘Duke’s.’ The families who, since the brand’s establishment, will walk out of the grocery store empty-handed in search of the only mayo deemed worthy of grandma’s famous potato salad.

If this sounds like you and your own — and your Duke’s-loving great-aunt Sally has always had a hankering for a tattoo but was never quite sure what she wanted — click here to enter for your chance at free custom Duke’s Mayo tattoos.

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