Duke’s Mayo explains how you can dump mayonnaise over a coach’s head

The Duke’s Mayo Bowl has burst onto the scene in 2020, but it wasn’t until last year that true magic happened. That’s when the bowl first brought in the “mayo dump,” which took the traditional Gatorade bath to incredible new levels.

Now, a nationwide search is on, with Duke’s promising to allow fan mayo dumpers for 2022. The process of Duke’s Mayonnaise choosing mayo fans has been a real personal minefield for me. On the one hand, I want everyone to live their mayo-based dreams — but selfishly I want to hide information about the process away, like a squirrel hoarding nuts for winter, because I really want to be one of the dumpers.

However, after a weekend of reflection and a crisis of confidence later I decided that this is an atrocious approach to thinking about it. Mayo is for everyone, and the opportunity to dump the mayo should be for everyone. Who am I to try and influence this process? I trust that no matter who is selected will do an amazing job, and I have to put my faith in the mayo mavens at Duke’s. So, while everyone is wondering about the rubric required to dump mayo, I went right to the sources (sauces?) at Duke’s to get the hard-hitting answers on what they want in a mayonnaise dumper at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

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