20 restaurants to honor Duke’s mayonnaise with a food tour in its SC hometown. Here’s what to know

Eugenia Duke manufactured her now-famous Duke’s mayonnaise in the Greenville area for a scant seven years, but her legacy lives on a century later.

The Greenville Visitors Bureau on Nov. 3 will honor Duke with a day-long, self-guided tour of 20 restaurants featuring food made with Duke’s and of places meaningful to the Duke’s brand.

To say that Eugenia Duke was a woman before her time is an understatement. She started selling sandwiches made with her homemade mayonnaise in 1917.

The egg salad, chicken salad and pimento cheese sandwiches were a hit for people as disparate as soldiers at Camp Sevier to society matrons enjoying tea and finger sandwiches at the Otteray Hotel in downtown Greenville.

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