Whit Wall

My first recollection of Duke’s mayonnaise was as a small child and my mother would fix turkey, lettuce and tomato on white bread… with mayo, of course . I hated lettuce. I hated tomatoes…. and I didn’t think much of dry, thin sliced turkey either. What I did like (loved) was the bread and Duke’s mayonnaise so I would pull the turkey, the tomato and the lettuce out of the sandwich, ball it up in my napkin and throw it under the table where I figured either nobody would ever find it or the dog would eat it! (Hey!… I was a little kid as I said!) I would then eat the mayonnaise sandwich and ask for seconds. That technique (which also worked with asparagus, broccoli and Brussell sprouts) was soon discovered although I totally lied and denied I had anything to do with it. As a result I would make my own “Duke’s and bread” sandwiches as I hid in the basement which was soon discovered as well. I loved Duke’s then and I love it still. Nothing else comes close. I have recognized the label since that tender age and have even introduced AND converted some of my Yankee friends to the world’s best mayonnaise! Keep up the great work!!