Rick D

I feel that I owe Duke’s a great debt of gratitude and I am writing to express my sincerest thanks.

From the time my wife and I have been together, she has made what is thought by many to be the best potato salad and cole slaw around (in particular by me..lol). She would make huge batches of both and I would BBQ ribs. We were set for days. She always used Kraft Mayo and would use nothing else. In recent years she would say that something just didn’t taste right and that the texture wasn’t right either. She tried different types of potatoes, tried to pick younger, fresher cabbage, and everything in between to get it right again. No luck. my wife stopped making potato salad and cole slaw almost altogether. I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I was. One day she realized the mayo she was using just didn’t seem to be the same. She went online and started doing research to see if anyone else had noticed a change in Kraft. She found days’ worth of reading from people with the same complaint. More importantly, she found people recommending Duke’s Mayo and swearing they would never use anything else. So, we bought a small jar to try.

We have both now joined the ranks swearing by Duke’s and swearing we will use nothing else. It’s firm like mayo should be. It has a rich taste. It is “the” perfect mayo. As a result of finally finding the culprit for ruining her potato salad and slaw, I am so happy to say that we are back to the days of 5 lbs. of potato salad at a time, along with large bowls of cole slaw. And yes, one of my simple pleasures is back as well, the mayonnaise sandwich. There is nothing like fresh bread and a big spoonful of Duke’s. So, back to that debt of gratitude, I have to thank Duke’s for making the perfect mayo. I can’t imagine going to the rest of my life without my wife’s potato salad and cole slaw. Duke’s has made me a happy man again. Thank you.