The Secret of Great Cooks


Our family likes to think of this pronounced: "App – e –teasers". As tempting as it is to dive into a delicious, enticing tray of savory treats, it's far better to taste judiciously in order to save room for the main course and beyond. Small plates are both fun to make and sample, like our favorites: Duke's Dip and Tricia's Pimento Cheese on crudités or crackers. We've been preparing this dip for years and always have the three main ingredients on hand (Spice Hunter Grill Shakers Poultry Seasoning, sour cream and Duke's, of course). There are as many recipes for pimento cheese as there are for potato salad, but we think Tricia Sauer's is so good, we put it on our label.

Deviled eggs are just not the same without Duke's.
– Vera Wilson,
Duke's Facebook visitor